tile flooring installation

Can I get tile flooring that looks like stone?

Okay, Rockwall, let?s talk about a stone tile installation. After all, it?s only appropriate to discuss it to you since you got your name from a geological formation that looks like a wall of rocks underground.

While the natural version adds a lot of architectural interest to a home, it?s not without its challenges, including porosity, softness, and expense.? You can have that marble bathroom or that travertine or slate floor, with an installation that mimics natural stone, but is tile.

Two kinds

Porcelain and ceramic are both made of clay.? Both are fired. Porcelain, however, also contains sand and glass, which makes it a little heavier and more suited to higher traffic areas.? It?s also completely waterproof, whether or not it?s glazed. It can also stand up to weather, so it can be placed outside on walkways, decks, patios, and poolside.

Tile that looks like stone is a wonderful addition to Southwest decor that?s so popular in TX.

Porcelain is a larger format and can be made to resemble anything, including marble, slate, travertine, quartz, and limestone. It can also be made to mimic leather and wood, if that?s more your style, Rockwall.

It's much less expensive and, because it is engineered, there's no porosity and it's much harder and resistant to scratches than the version from Mother Nature.

Don?t dismiss ceramic?s look of stone

The large format of porcelain might make it more suitable for more widespread flooring and wall application. Ceramic tile can also mimic stone and can be perfect for inclusion in a backsplash, accent wall or countertop installation.

Ceramic is just as tough as porcelain.? While it does need glazing to be waterproof, that coating gives it a hard shell that makes it virtually impossible to crack.? It?s only for indoor use, however.

All tile is cost-effective, since you can mix and match which not only creates a design tool, but also different price points.? It?s easy to clean; just sweep, vacuum or wipe. Breakages aren?t common, but if it does happen, just replace the broken piece and not the entire floor.

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