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Can I install carpet over tile flooring?

If you want carpet flooring and have existing tile flooring, you may wonder about installing carpeting over the tile. Of course, the answer is yes, but there are some things you'll want to know before you begin the process.

Understanding how floors install over one another can give you realistic expectations for better results. Here's what to consider as you prepare to place carpeting over the tile.

Why install carpet over tile?

The benefits of installing carpeting over tile include a quicker and easier installation because you?re not taking the time to pull up the old flooring to make way for a carpet installation. Since tile is mortared and grouted into place, removal can be time-consuming and messy.

Installing another floor on top adds stability, protection, and excellent performance, especially over time. If it?s important to you, we can work to create your best installation for any size project.

Important considerations for this installation

To properly install flooring over tile, you must first check that all your tiles are in good shape and not in danger of coming loose. Then, ask about which underlayments are necessary or suggested for your specific situation to protect your carpeting once it's in place.

After carpet installation, you aren?t likely to be able to switch back to tile once this process is completed. Adhering carpeting to the perimeter requires adhesive attachment and more, rendering the tiles useless for flooring afterward.

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