carpet types

Can I use the same type carpet everywhere?

It might be tempting, especially if you love it, but every room installation is different.?We know, we know. You love your new carpet installation so much you want to see it in every room of your Denton home.
Be aware, though, that every room or area has very different priorities, so what may be good for the living room may not work for the home office or stairs. Besides, there are so many great patterns, designs, and colors, there?s no reason why you should have to stick with just one.
Just be sure they all coordinate; you don?t want a jumble of different decor styles and color in one house.
It?s all about comfort and warmth for the bedroom, so a high plush is desired. With living rooms, the type of installation chosen comes down to whether the room is used for everyday use, or only when entertaining. Style will be the priority when you think of carpet for both these rooms in your Denton home.
Stairs are quite another story, because they can cause injury when the carpet is the wrong kind of installation. You need to think about both safety and, because there?s a lot of heavy foot traffic, durability.
Here, a carpet with a low pile, such as a woven or loop pattern, is best for this kind of installation. If you have a dog, or a cat who thinks everything is a scratching post, think also about a twist pile, because it won?t snag like a loop.
Thickness is never an indication of quality, and especially so here. If it?s too thick, it won?t be able to wrap and fit through railings. Also, if it's too plush, there won?t be much foundation for the foot, and people will slide, and if it?s not durable enough, shoes will catch on tears and trip people.
You want the colors to coordinate, but something of a medium hue is best since light colors will show dirt and stains, while dark ones can show dust, lint and pet hair.
In a home office, you'll be dealing with chairs that roll. Again, go with the low pile, or your wheels will get caught on the rug.
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