Modern tile flooring in a Rockwall, TX home

Can any type of tile be installed on my floors?

Yes, they are all ceramics, porcelain and even glass can be used as floor tiles, but you need to know the difference between floor and wall use. They all have different grading systems on the box. It can be confusing so if you?re looking for tile flooring in Rockwall TX, come see CW Floors and we?ll guide you to the right one.

The general grade that will tell you whether it?s for the floor or walls. This is a number system, with levels ranging from one to three; use only one or two for floors, while a grade three level means it?s appropriate for walls. You also need to determine resistance to chipping and abrasion, as well as the slipperiness and porosity.

Pay attention also to these two rating systems

?Coefficient of Friction (COF) measures a tile?s resistance to being slippery; look for a rating of .50 for residential floors or .60 for commercial floors. Note: Smaller ceramics, like mosaics, tend to be less slippery overall because of the many grout lines; if you have kids or senior residents you may want to consider that.

?PEI ratings: These define hardness and durability, with standards set by the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI). These ratings go from one to five, with C-1 indicating appropriateness for low or no foot traffic, to C-5, appropriate for commercial installation. It?s recommended that residential installations take C-3 or C-4. This only pertains when it?s glazed. Note: Porcelain and terracotta are highly durable, whether or not they are glazed.

Four words you should also know

Water absorption affects staining, sealing requirements, and ease of cleaning. Non-vitreous means soft, porous, and highly absorbable and it shouldn't be used in wet rooms, such as the bathroom; semi-vitreous is a little less absorbent, but you should ask about sealing. Vitreous is highly waterproof, while impervious is completely waterproof.

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