Beautiful carpet installation in a Rockwall, TX home

Carpet Installation FAQ

Our experts here at CW Floors, your source for carpet and flooring in Rockwall, TX, have compiled a list of some of the most-asked questions regarding carpeting.

Does furniture need to be moved for a carpet installation?

Yes, every piece of furniture needs to be removed, including bulky armoires, so the room is empty. You can give us a call today to see how this can best be taken care of. Also, decide precisely how you?ll store the removed furniture; if it's only one room, it will be an easy decision to place it in another room.? However, if you?re doing more than one room, you might have to think of storage units and pods.

Why does furniture need to be removed?

This is so that the installer can power stretch the carpet installation. This is what takes place:? The installer will place tack strips, thin pieces of wood with little nails, all around the perimeter of the room. Padding is placed between the tack strip and the carpet, then stretched over the padding and onto the strip. The installer then uses a power stretcher, a long tool with tines at the head, to be sure the rug is firmly placed against the wall. Many warranties now require that all rugs be power stretched; if not done correctly, you?ll experience looseness and wrinkles.

What are some questions to ask before a carpet installation?

First, we?ll cover what is included in your service. We?ll cover how long the installation takes and when you can move furniture back into the room and walk on the floor; they are often two different timetables, so we will be sure to be specific. You can ask us about odors, noise, how to secure pets, and any alternative living arrangements that need to be made; we?ll be happy to guide you along every step of the way.

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