carpet installation

Carpet: Preparation, knowledge, critical to a great installation

A new carpet can be the jewel in your Denton, TX home?s crown, and there are some things you can do to make this installation look even better.
Even before the rug is placed, take some time to learn about its construction, fibers, and manufacturing. Once it?s in, be sure to examine the warranty, so you know what is covered.
Meanwhile, here are some basics to keep in mind:
?Hire a flooring installer, not a general contractor. Ask how many times he or she has worked with carpet. They might have done a lot of work with other materials, but not this kind of installation, and it requires a special skill set and tools. Ask about our service in Denton, TX.
?Ask the installer ahead of time what the policy is on moving furniture. Sometimes they?ll just move it as they work, but you should always move anything breakable yourself. Wait at least 24 hours before moving furniture back in, to be sure all the glue is dry.
?Know what to expect; for instance, it?s normal for a carpet to shed fibers (also sometimes called fuzzing or piling) a little after installation. This happens most often with cut piles, and often stops in a month or two; meanwhile, just keep vacuuming it. If you?re still combing your rug after a few months, it?s time to speak to an expert in the Denton, TX facility.
?Don?t skimp on carpet padding. It?s invisible, but important, as it sets the foundation of your installation.
What if my carpet gets wet?
Excess water can soak right down to the padding and damage the sub-floor. Mold and mildew can start growing in as little as 12 hours, so work fast.
?Soak up any excess water with a wet vacuum. (You can rent one from your hardware store.)
?Take a good look at the furniture. Remove anything that?s wet.
?Maybe use baking soda. Some people, after using a wet vac, will sprinkle baking soda on the rug, but be sure to speak to your flooring pro first.
?Create a good air flow; open windows, use fans, and be sure to replace the padding.
To learn more, come into the CW Floors showroom in Denton, San Antonio or Rockwall, TX.