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Depend on the pros for carpet installation

Carpet can be installed over some existing flooring or a concrete slab as well as damaged or uneven surfaces. The padding that is placed under the carpet provides support and makes it feel softer. It also positively affects insulation and acoustics. The type, thickness, and density of padding needed are dependent upon the type of carpet it will cushion. It?s important to have this type of floor covering installed by experienced professionals. How it is laid on the floor affects both the way it looks and its longevity. Installers use a power stretcher to stretch wall-to-wall carpeting into place. Many aspects of the job take practiced skills, like lining up the patterned and multi-color carpet.

Types of carpet fibers

The most common carpet fiber is nylon. Durable and resilient nylon carpets have a stain-resistant treatment applied in the factory so that spills won?t soak into the fibers. Triexta is a newer fiber that is just as durable and inherently stain resistant. Both fibers are appropriate for high traffic areas in the home. Olefin is mold- and moisture-resistant, and therefore, ideal for a basement. Wool is the top-of-the-line carpet fiber. It?s durable, but also expensive. You may want to limit its placement to less frequently used spaces in the home like the master bedroom. Polyester is also ideal for bedrooms. This very soft fiber is available in deep and vibrant colors.

More on carpet

Carpet is a natural insulator, and it absorbs sound too. It's a warm and inviting, child-friendly flooring that limits slips and cushions falls when they do occur. This floor covering comes in a range of fibers, styles, and colors. Textures vary from firm Berber to soft shag. CW Floors offers a wide variety of carpeting as well as other types of flooring, countertops, and custom showers and tub surrounds. We have two showrooms: one in San Antonio and one in Rockwall, Texas. We offer the personal service associated with a locally owned store.?

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CW Floors serves San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby Texas communities. Our services include more than flooring installation. We also offer design consultation, free in-home measurement, furniture removal, and carpet disposal. Chat with us online or complete the form to request a free flooring estimate!