Four tips for luxury vinyl flooring maintenance

Four tips for luxury vinyl flooring maintenance

Choosing luxury vinyl flooring in Rockwall, TX, and San Antonio, TX, is a great way to meet your preferences and requirements for durability and beauty. These floors are versatile enough to cater to every room's needs, with benefits that make it worthwhile.

Once in place, a regular maintenance routine is vital for ensuring your new floors' best results and lifespan. Here are four tips on effectively maintaining these materials for the best results.

1.? ? ? Clean up spills immediately. This routine is an effective way to ensure that certain compounds won?t damage or stain your flooring. Clean up LVT and LVP flooring after every mess as soon as possible.

2.? ? ? Use only products recommended by the flooring manufacturer. We can share a list of brands and cleaners that will work best for your luxury vinyl flooring. Contact us or your flooring manufacturer to alleviate your concerns when in doubt.

3.? ? ? Avoid abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools. These will tear down the flooring over time and ruin its intended lifespan. They can also make your floors look worse after every cleaning, so use them cautiously.

4.? ? ? Use area rugs when it makes sense. For example, in areas with more traffic on your luxury vinyl flooring or where pets and children play, use area rugs or runners to catch dirt, debris, and daily wear. You'll see your floors last longer as a result.

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