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Fun crafting projects for leftover tile flooring

If you have recently finished a tile flooring installation project, chances are you have more than a few leftover tiles lying around. While it's good to have a few tiles in reserve to replace any broken ones in your installed tile flooring, this usually still leaves people with a surplus of tiles with little use beyond that. Or maybe not...

If you are wondering about a way you can up cycle that old tile flooring, these fun projects could be just the thing you need! Here are a few fun ways to use up some of that old tile flooring, and get something new in the process!

Custom drink coasters

All you need for this project is a bit of paint and some old, blank tiles. Simply get your paint ready, and get to work to make those tiles look pretty by adding beloved quotes, inspirational sayings, or even just pictures. This is a great project for kids, because it is a much better, more permanent way of preserving their artistic creations than simply by tacking up a paper drawing on the fridge. These attractive coasters are a timeless way of preserving those treasured memories!

Speaking of tacking up those drawings up on the fridge...

Dry-erase fridge magnets

Another great project you can do, is to make reusable dry-erase message squares. All you need to do is glue some magnets that are strong enough to support the weight of a tile to each corner of the tile, and let dry. Then, you can stick them to your fridge next to a dry-erase marker to make reusable Post-Its!

You could also combine this idea with the first project as a way of making decorative fridge magnets of your own design!

Unique house numbers

This project is a fun way to use tiles to improve your home in yet another way, with attractive, unique house numbers! You can either create your own designs, or comb Pinterest and other crafting sites for ideas, or even templates, to help you get the look you want.

Once you have a design in mind, all you need to do is paint it on to the tiles, and affix them to the front of your house with an attractive bracket you can either make yourself, or find at a big-box store.

Is a tile flooring installation in your future?

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