Stair carpet installation in a San Antonio, TX home

How is carpet installed on stairs?

Carpet is an excellent material that provides many opportunities for durability, visual appeal, and a useful lifespan. But in today's post, we will focus on the carpet installation procedure for stairs, so read along to learn more about it.

Carpet installation is essential, especially on stairs

The first step in any carpeting installation is an accurate measurement, which we will ensure before any work begins. This helps to know exactly how much material will be used in your installation and is necessary for the best results.

When attaching carpeting to your stairs, it will first be stapled to the bottom of the first riser and then worked up and around the nosing and tack strip behind the tread. Stretching is required for each stair that is installed to avoid bunching, balding, or premature wear.

Once the first stair is covered, the process is repeated for each one following. A slit will be made once the carpeting is attached to the stair if rail posts need carpet. Finishing methods vary for options such as Hollywood stairs, bullnoses, pie stairs, and more.

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