carpet installation

How to get the best installation for your new carpet

Some people even go so far as to say the installation is as, if not more, important than the product itself.? Carpet can be tricky, especially when the flooring takes place around stair railings, baseboards and transitions to other rooms.

It requires special tools and skills, so don?t skimp on this part and don?t try to do-it-yourself. Otherwise, you?ll end up with wrinkles, rolls, uneven seams and more.

Is the price all-inclusive?

This might be the most important question to ask, whether it?s about a soft surface or any other installation. Ask for a detailed quote first so you?ll know exactly what?s included.

Other questions include:

  • How long will it take?? This varies, especially when there is subfloor repair work that needs to be done before laying the rug.
  • Who moves the furniture? Some professionals will move the heavy furniture as part of the installation, but you?ll still have to move the smaller things. ?Make sure you ask what the service includes.
  • If it?s carpet, I don?t have to worry about sanding, right? Wrong.? Keep in mind there?s both surface flooring and a subfloor. If the latter needs repair, it can include sanding, so close cabinet doors.? Even better,? have the professionals take a look at it first, so you know ahead of time if the service needs it.

When do you use a power stretcher?

This is an all-important inquiry because it should always be used! It is critical in stretching the carpet correctly.

Yes, the knee-kicker does the same thing, but in smaller areas, like closets.? The power stretcher is what is needed for installation in large areas and when not stretched properly, you?ll end up with wrinkled, bumpy flooring.

Common installation challenges

Most aren?t carpet manufacturer defects at all.? These include:

  • Shedding.? Don?t worry unless it goes on for more than three months.
  • Buckling. If it happens after only a year, chances are that it was because of wrong padding. Wrong padding thickness will not only ruin the rug but will also invalidate the manufacturer's specifications on the warranty.? It should weigh eight to 10 pounds.? Be sure to discuss this in detail with your retailer.

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