tile backsplash

Installation and tile flooring ideas to add style to any house

Everyone loves it, because it?s fun, stylish and highly functional; in fact, for a long time, these little ceramic and porcelain blocks were the only choice if you wanted a completely waterproof surface.

Available in a wide palette of colors and patterns, tiles aren?t just squares or rectangles either, but come in many shapes, including round, triangle, diamond, hexagon and more. No worries about price, either, because you can always use a less expensive one, on larger square footage, with the addition of a few highly-designed accent pieces or colorful grout.

We tend to use mosaics a lot in kitchens and baths, but why not do as the Europeans do and have a decorative tile flooring or an ornamental tile installation on walls or furniture surfaces throughout the entire house? After all, your home can be a castle, whether you live in France, The Netherlands or Rockwall!

Here are some fun ideas:

?Right now, floor-to-ceiling backsplashes are all the rage. Not so long ago, this tiled area comprised only a few inches behind the range, with the sole purpose of making it easier to clean splatters. Now, especially with the trend toward not using cabinets-height cabinets, the full-wall backsplash has become a focal point.
?Tile flooring is elegant, but it?s not just for the kitchen or bath anymore. Nothing says wow like a black and white mosaic floor. Install it in the foyer, library, living room, or anywhere else in the house.
?Create a unique and fun wall in a kids? shower, with a combination of some plain white subway ceramics with your own custom design, in a rectangle, diamond or some other shape
?A stone installation on a countertop or on the surface of a wooden desk or table can give your home that Southwest style, Rockwall.
?Use it around kitchen shelves or fireplaces, or as vibrant tub surrounds.
?Ever think about stairs? Install some colorful mosaics on the risers to coordinate and add some fun to the treads.

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