tile flooring

Making tile flooring last for years

We?ve heard of some tile floors that last up to 50 years. Your installation can, too, if you follow these tips
Rockwall homeowners are learning that there are so many interesting things to do with tile flooring! It?s not only for the bathroom, but you can get create with a backsplash that will become the focal point in your kitchen, or you can create accent walls and even ?art.?
If you?re wondering why we always seem to single out the city of Rockwall when we talk about tile, that?s because it got its name from a mysterious underground rock wall that was found in the mid-1800s, so it just makes sense when we?re talking about these little ?bricks.?
Circling back to flooring, tile can be more than a bathroom installation; you can have classic, sophisticated designs in the foyer, living or dining room floor, or even the library.
It?s gorgeous and completely waterproof and almost impossible to crack. If you do, you just replace the one tile, and not the entire floor.
Here?s how to keep it looking great:
?Know the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile so you?ll use the right one for your installation.
Ceramic is thinner and it?s better for use in low-traffic areas like the bathroom where there isn?t much foot traffic and, when there is, people are usually in bare feet.
Porcelain is a heavier, better for in places like kitchens or foyers.
You should also know about grades that determine how strong it is, a rating of one is great, while a rating of three shouldn?t be used on floors. Also be aware that abrasion-resistance can be measured. The Porcelain Enamel Institute says three is good for residential, but commercial should have a rating of four or five. Some can get pretty slippery when wet, so be sure to discuss your options with your flooring retailer.
?Be sure to ask about the glaze (sometimes called sealant), because they are only waterproof if they?re glazed. Some recommend that they be sealed every two years, but your flooring pro can advise you.
?Keep tile flooring clean! It doesn?t take much, just a sweep and damp mop. But you should try to sweep every day, because sand can scratch it up. Wipe spills immediately so stains don?t set. Clean the grout regularly, because it?s a lot easier to clean it when it?s already in good shape, rather than having to scrub and scrub. (I learned this the hard way.)
?Be sure you have replacements on hand. If and when the time comes that you have to replace one, you want to be sure there?s a perfect match.
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