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So many carpet fibers

There are so many types of carpet fibers?to choose from, so that's why we are here to help.

As if it?s not overwhelming enough to choose the right flooring installation, but you also have to think about things like colors, patterns, designs and fibers when it comes to a carpet, and it?s always the same, whether you?re a homeowner in Denton or Rockwall.

One of the questions we hear most often from is this: ?Do I go with nylon or polyester? I know nylon?s one of the strongest materials, but isn?t polyester just as good??

It?s not just about material; you also need to take into consideration things like construction, density (not face weight), twist, etc.

Think your lifestyle, priorities and challenges: Do you have kids, seniors or pets residing in your home? Is there heavy foot traffic? In what room will it be installed? Tell your flooring pro.

Here is a crash-course for Denton homeowners on the four main types of carpet materials to help you choose the right installation for you.

Nylon: It has herculean strength, and is great at resisting stains. Nylon comes in a lot of different price levels, so there?s something for everyone, but it does have a tendency to flatten out with excess soil. That makes it critical to professionally steam-clean your rug every 12 to 18 months, and please be aware that many manufacturers will put that in their warranties.

Polyester: Budget friendly, intensely stain resistant and almost as resilient as nylon if constructed well, this could well be the carpet for you. It?s also important to note that technology is ever-evolving and now, there are ones that will give you a totally stain-resistant and durable installation.

Olefin: You might also hear this called polypropylene. It?s very reasonably priced, but doesn?t have the same level of durability as other fibers, although that?s helped along if you have a loop style, and not a plush. Olefin is stain-resistant, because liquids just don?t get absorbed, but not particularly impervious to soil, so if you have this installation, get the carpet professionally steam-cleaned periodically.

Wool: How many Denton homeowners love this gorgeous, fluffy carpet, but worry that this all-white, natural material will soil easily? Worry no more, because this wool has natural oils that repel dirt that will keep your installation glowing and clean.

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