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The 411 on carpet pile

You'll hear many descriptive terms as you search for the perfect carpet flooring. Carpet pile is one of them, and it's essential to understand a bit as you start to shop.

This feature can affect wear and performance, as well as visual appearance. So, here's the 411 on this vital part of your carpeting.

What is carpet pile?

At the most superficial level, the pile describes the length of the fibers from the backing to the surface. There are various lengths for an array of different benefits, depending on your needs.

You'll also hear pile height and density terms, which offer different benefits. Once you choose a specific floor covering, we'll give you all the details from our carpet store in Rockwall, TX, and San Antonio, TX.

Benefits of low-pile carpeting

Low pile carpet offers shorter fibers, tighter loops, and exceptional ease of cleaning. They can also be perfect for a modern appearance and decor scheme.

Low pile options come in various fiber types, so you can choose benefits that fit your need. Be sure to consider Berber and other popular low-pile options styles.

Benefits of high-pile carpeting

High pile carpet offers loose, tall fibers and is often chosen for comfort and warmth. In addition, this carpet flooring is often used to create a coziness that doesn't come from other materials.

This luxurious visual is less likely to flatten than you might think. Be sure to ask about products like Frieze for an excellent benefit combination.

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