Tile flooring or luxury vinyl: Which is best for you?

Tile flooring or luxury vinyl: Which is best for you?

The answer to whether tile flooring or luxury vinyl is best for your home is found in your remodeling preferences and requirements list. Comparing the two will quickly give you the answers you need, so here are some facts to help you get started.

What about luxury vinyl and tile flooring benefits?

You should know they offer outstanding characteristics when comparing the two for durability. Luxury vinyl provides a 100% waterproof core, a top wear layer to guard against daily wear, and offers up to 20 years of lifespan.

You?ll find as many outstanding benefits in porcelain and ceramic tile flooring lines as well, with moisture, chip, crack, and stain resistance. In addition, tile floors offer lifespans that can exceed 50 years with professional installation and regular maintenance, so you may never have to replace them.

For visual appeal, luxury vinyl offers products that mimic stone, hardwood, and tile, with authentic colors, textures, and grout lines, as needed. In addition, tile products provide unlimited visual opportunities thanks to various shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and layouts, to name only a few variations.

You can make other comparisons between luxury vinyl flooring and tile flooring. Stop by our showroom today to see and compare them for yourself.

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