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What does carpet ?pile? mean?

While shopping for the perfect carpet, you're sure to hear many different terms, including carpet "pile." But what does that mean exactly?

Pile speaks to the visible fibers themselves and can include both height and density. We want to talk a bit more about that in today?s post for a clearer understanding of the term. If you're ready to have the best carpet flooring in Rockwall, TX, read along with us here.

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When you hear carpet "pile," know that the actual fibers themselves are being described, including height. Low pile carpet is flooring that is less than a quarter of an inch long, the medium pile is between a quarter and a half-inch talk, and the high pile is carpet that has fibers that are between one-half and three-quarters of an inch long.

Low-pile carpet is tightly woven, so it?s easier to vacuum and traps far less pet dander and debris. The longer the pile becomes, the more cleaning is required to maintain the deep-down clean, eliminating odors and bacteria growth.

However, the higher the carpet pile, especially when moving into ?shag? categories, the softer and more comfortable the flooring will be underfoot. They also show fewer footprints.

When it comes to carpet installation, your technicians are experienced and trained to install all carpeting types, regardless of the pile. So, with our professional flooring installation, you won?t have to worry about pile height or density.

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