Berber carpet installation in a Rockwall, TX home

What is Berber carpet?

Searching for carpet flooring is sure to lead you to many terms you might not be readily familiar with, such as Berber carpet. We want to give you a few details on this particular flooring type, so you'll know more about the flooring's options and character.

Berber carpet facts for you

Berber carpet was inspired by a particular weaving style utilized by the North African Berber people. However, in our market, it generally refers to carpeting that is usually light-colored with dark flecks throughout, with a loop pile weave that is not cut.

Over time, the Berber name remained with the looped weaving style and not with the color specifics. Today, you can find Berber in carpet stores in a wide range of solid colors as well as variations.

This carpet is crafted from olefin fiber, which is much more affordable than other fiber types, making it a fantastic option for those on a specific budget. Not only is the fiber more affordable, but the construction process is also quicker as well since the loops aren't cut.

As affordable as it is, Berber still offers extensive durability, including fiber strength, but it?s important to remember that you get more durability with higher-quality Berbers. They also resist stains well since spills often sit on the carpet?s surface instead of seeping into the fibers and backing materials.

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