Tile installation in a San Antonio, TX kitchen

What is the best method for tile floors to be installed?

There?s a lot that goes into choosing the perfect floor tiles for your Rockwall home, especially if you're flooring an entire house. Ensuring you have the best visuals, performance, and functionality makes up most of the shopping experience.

However, you have to think about tile installation and plan everything from start to finish. We're going to talk a little more about that, so follow along with us here.

Floor tiles that work for you and your home

To achieve a flawless tile installation, the subfloor surface must be adequately prepared. The surface must be dry, smooth, and free from debris.

We?ll plan the layout and then begin the process after marking a center point in the room, and then apply the chosen adhesive. Tiles will be cut as needed, utilizing the most up to date equipment and methods.

Once everything is in place, it can take between 12 and 24 hours to cure completely, and then grouting can begin. Afterward, the grout should be left to cure for at least another 24 hours before you attempt to walk on your new flooring.

Be sure to speak with your flooring professionals if you have any questions about any of these steps. We'll go over more critical information before we wrap up the installation.

Choosing the best tile store in Texas is easy

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