Long lasting carpet in a Rockwall, TX home

What is the lifespan of a carpet?

Many factors affect the lifespan of carpet installation, including the quality of both product and installation, the amount of foot traffic, and level of care. If the carpet is maintained properly it can withstand a lot of punishment and last almost 20 years.

If you?re in the market for carpet flooring in Rockwall TX, we'll be happy to address your concerns and questions. We have showrooms in both Rockwall and San Antonio. Our expert staff members each have an average of 15 years' experience and we keep current with ongoing education.

Choosing the best product for your home

When it comes to an investment like carpet, it?s important to consider the life of the product in the price. While it?s always tempting to save money, cutting corners can lead to costly repairs and early replacement, making it not such a cost-saving option.

Choose the right padding. It protects the rug, increases insulation, and adds comfort. It's a common practice, especially in the big boxes, to throw something in the bag and claim "it's good," but not all padding is the same and the wrong one can harm your rug. Thicker isn't always better; in fact, the Carpet & Rug Industry says thickness should never exceed ?-inch.

Every room and area has different priorities and challenges. While a fluffy and plush high pile shag is great for the bedroom, it won't wrap properly around railings, banisters, and balusters. It also won't create a solid foundation for the foot.

Finally, know that density, not weight, is the true indicator of quality. Density refers to how closely fibers are tufted together. Bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

Carpet care makes all the difference

You would rush a favorite shirt to the cleaners so a stain wouldn?t set, wouldn?t you? That is exactly what you should do with professional cleaning for your carpet. When stains are allowed to set, the rug will always look dirty, no matter how many times it?s cleaned.

Soil and dirt cuts and frays carpet. While vacuuming should be done regularly, keep in mind that it only gets the surface dirt. Anything else becomes embedded and only a deep steam cleaning will do.

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