Modern tile installation in a Rockwall, TX home

What tile is best for your installation?

The bottom line is that the best tile for you is the tile that you like the best. Making sure that you are satisfied with the flooring that you purchase from us is our number one goal. If you are looking for some facts, or?some strengths and weaknesses of ceramic vs. porcelain for your tile installation choice,?then here are a few pointers.

Ceramic and porcelain aren?t as different as you might think

Often, when the question is asked, which is best, it hinges around the question of a perceived difference between the two materials. Nevertheless, there are a lot of commonalities between them. Both are an ancient style of floor, both are made from fired clay, and both are highly resistant to moisture, making them both excellent choices for both floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Both materials are also glazed, which makes them highly resistant to scratches from normal wear and tear. With the proper grout, both can provide you with a fully waterproof floor that will last for many, many years.

Ceramic originated in Egypt while porcelain originated in China. Porcelain is formed from a more finely powdered clay and is fired at higher temperatures than ceramic. That makes porcelain a slightly harder material and a material slightly more resistant to water, yet for most applications, the difference will be negligible. If you are looking for a tile that you can have installed outside, on a porch, or around a pool, porcelain may be your better choice as it is a little less prone to cracking when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Tile flooring style

The question to ask, when looking at floor tiles, is which best creates the mood and style that you want for your living space. Understand, as well, that not only does tile flooring make an excellent choice in kitchens and bathrooms, it makes an excellent flooring for your whole home. At CW Floors, we offer a wide variety of styles and colors as well as professional tile installation.

If you are looking for a tile installation in eastern Texas, we?d love to talk to you about your options. We have two showrooms, one in San Antonio and the other in Rockwall, TX and we serve the wider San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, and Forth Worth areas. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms; our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to show you around.