carpet installation

What?s the best carpet installation for my bedroom?

You might think this is a very basic question, but it?s really not. A carpet installation in your sleep sanctuary is a lot more than just stepping out into a plush, soft floor in the morning, Denton, TX, although that?s certainly a big part of it!

Today, there are so many colors, patterns, and styles from which to choose, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming.

CW Floors will simplify it. We have a complete inventory of flooring: as well as services such as professional installation; design consultation; in-home measurement and more.
A few basic tips
?Make a detailed budget that includes not only the carpet but installation as well. The price depends on the square footage, so take measurements before you start to look for carpet, so you won?t waste your time looking for something out of your budget.
?Think about fiber. Denton, TX homeowners don?t automatically assume that your carpet isn?t superior just because it?s not a natural installation.

All-natural wool is a wonderful carpet for bedrooms, but it can be pricey (and don?t worry about the all-white color; it has natural oils which repel dirt).

Nylon is super tough and stain-resistant; polyester is a close second. Olefin is the least expensive and, although it?s generally not as durable, that strength increases with various styles, such as Berber. There are also mixed blends, silk, and Triexta, but the ones mentioned are the basics.

?What about texture? Do you want a high or low pile? Do you want long, twisty fibers like a Frieze; something velvety like a Saxony, or something a little more quirky and fun like a Shag; and forget about those golds, greens, and browns of the 1970s and 80s. The Shag?s color palette has expanded, so now you can get purple, red, orange, black, mixed colors, and more.
?Color! You?ll never go wrong with a neutral, because if you want to do mini remodelings, you can just change up the accessories and it?ll most likely match.

Keep these things in mind: Light shows dirt more than dark and if you like bold, vibrant colors; be sure to balance it out with coordinated colors on walls and accessories.

For inspiration, visit the CW Floors showroom at any of our three locations: Denton, Rockwall, and San Antonio, TX.