carpet installation

Why Choose Carpet?

For years there?s been an ongoing debate: Hardwood or a carpet installation? They do run neck-in-neck as the #1 choice but, make no mistake; carpet holds its own as the most popular choice, whether the installation is in Denton, TX, or anywhere.
Simply it underscores the concept of form + function by:
1.Offering a wide assortment of colors, patterns, fiber types, styles. There?s something for everyone, no matter what your decor. Denton, TX is known for its striking museums, local history, outdoor sculptures, parks, marinas and the nearby Bayless-Selby House Museum, so it?s a pretty good bet that flooring fashion is important to these residents, and that means carpet is the #1 choice for their flooring installation.
2.It offers sound insulation. Does the tap...tap...tap of footsteps drive you crazy? Sometimes you can hear the beeps of electronic devices, or even conversations! Carpet provides cushioning between floors, which makes it an installation that keeps the noise down.
3.Durability. One of the questions we sometime hear at CW Floors is ?will vacuuming harm the carpet?? The answer is a resounding no! That could have been the case many, many years ago when the material was thin.
Modern technology, however, has resulted in an installation that?s stain proof, can stand up to heavy foot traffic and normal wear and tear.
By the way, if you still have doubts, one of the fibers offered is nylon, and everyone knows nylon?s reputation as one of the toughest materials around.
4.Good for health. Unlike hard surfaces, the fibers actually trap pollutants and undesirable things like food particles and insect fragments. They will stay there until the carpet is professionally steam-cleaned to get deep into the fibers.
5.Easy maintenance. Vacuum frequently, wipe up spills immediately, and get professional cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months. Yes, this is important; rental steam machines don?t have the same kind of power the professional ones have, so the job is only partially done. People often make mistakes, such as using too much soap or not rinsing well. Sometimes they use too much water and it doesn?t dry fast enough, resulting in mold and mildew growth, and an odor you?ll never get rid of.
The experts at CW Floors would love to tell you more, so feel free to come into one of their three showrooms in Denton, San Antonio or Rockwell, TX.