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Are kids and pets holding you back from a new carpet installation?

If you've been considering a new carpet installation for your Denton, TX home, but have been too concerned about that damage your children or pets could do to it, you might want to reconsider. A lot of people sort of write carpeting off as too risky if they have kids or pets, but there is an amazing carpeting option you might not know about, that could make your fantasy of having comfortable carpets in your home a reality.
If we told you that there was a carpet capable of spending two weeks in a filthy rhino enclosure at a zoo, and come out looking like new after nothing more than everyday professional cleaning methods, you'd probably think that carpet would be more than enough for even the most outrageous children or pets. You'd be correct!
We're talking about SmartStrand? carpeting by Mohawk. This incredible carpeting has intense stain-fighting power built into its very fibers. Unlike other stain-fighting fibers that rely on chemical applications to remain effective, a SmartStrand carpeting?installation will never require further treatments to maintain its unbeatable stain resistance. There are very few stains that can't be cleaned with little more than water. Seriously!
Another amazing feature of this fiber is its physical self. The fibers have a spring-like shape that bounces back into place in spite of even the most extreme instances of crushing. Remember that rhino? Aside from the outrageous crush resistance, this spiral shape is also responsible for the fact that SmartStrand carpeting is recognized industry wide as the softest fiber out there.
No matter how messy your kids or pets get, this carpet will have no trouble bouncing back from anything they throw at it. Concerns about a fresh carpet installation being instantly stained by spilled sugary drinks, or surprise pet messes, don't have to keep you from that new carpet installation any longer!
If you've been holding back on your new carpet installation, and would like to learn more about this incredible carpet fiber for your next home improvement project, CW Floors and Lighting would love to help you make that goal a reality. Simply contact one of our showrooms in San Antonio, Denton, or Rockwell, TX, to arrange for your no-obligation flooring consultation. Better yet, stop in and have a look at our SmartStrand carpeting stock in person. We'd love to show you around!