Carpet flooring: Your best flooring choice?

Carpet flooring: Your best flooring choice?

Choosing the perfect floor covering can be as simple as finding carpet flooring that caters to all your needs and preferences. But how can you tell if the carpet is right for your home?

The best place to start is by taking an honest assessment of your requirements and then learning more about the characteristics of carpet floors. Here are some facts to consider as you plan your options for any size remodel.

Do you prefer comfort?

If softness and comfort are primary goals for your remodel, this is the perfect floor covering for your home. You'll find products with extensive benefits that cater to this goal for a carpet installation that doesn't sacrifice other vital features.

Choosing the carpet that works for you

If you have pets, children, or both, you might think that carpet is impossible for your home, especially in busy areas like hallways and living rooms. But you will find impressive characteristics like built-in stain protection, which guards against stains and the foul odors they can bring with them.

This built-in protection also guards against matting and crushing, with excellent resilience in high-traffic spaces. In addition, these products offer excellent warranties, and we'll gladly tell you about them when you visit our carpet store in Rockwell, TX, or San Antonio, TX.

What about stains and odors?

Durability includes odor-fighting protection by making floors easier to clean, whether with home or commercial cleaning. Since dirt, debris, and dander are lifted out quickly, they aren't compacted into the fibers where foul odors often originate.

Carpeting also offers fibers that reduce the number of liquids that can soak into the fibers, with some products providing pet-specific warranties. This benefit results in floors that are more resistant to stains and odors and offer an excellent lifespan, especially with professional installation and regular carpet flooring care.

The best carpet store for your plans

CW Floors & Lighting treats every client respectfully and provides the attention your remodel needs with personalized service. We also employ installers trained and qualified for every floor covering we carry, and we stand behind every job from concept to completion.

You're invited to visit our showroom in San Antonio or Rockwall, TX, to find the best flooring for your remodel. If you live in San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, or Fort Worth, stop by anytime to find the perfect carpet flooring for your home.