Warm carpet in a Rockwall, TX nursery

Can carpet warm a room?

There are many things you?ll want to know about getting new carpet, from whether carpet can warm a room to how long carpet installation can take, and we can answer all of your questions. As we are getting out of the colder months, we will focus on whether carpet can warm a room so you can prepare for next year.

Carpet installation can keep your home warmer

One of the attributes that carpet is best known for its heat retention and making any space feel warmer, even in the cold months. Since both the carpet installation and the underpadding that goes with it act as extra layers of insulation, you?ll feel the difference it makes almost immediately.

But there?s another way that this flooring can warm your home as well, through the color ambiance. Colors such as orange, yellow, and red all bring feelings of warmth and create a cozier, more intimate setting, making it perfect for bedrooms, dens, and studies especially.

Whether you need warmer temperatures or warmer tones, you can?t go wrong with a quality carpet installation. You can even have both at the same time if you prefer, so visit us today to find out where to start your carpet journey.

We'll help with everything, including carpet installation

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