Tile flooring being installed over a prepared Rockwall, TX concrete floor

Can tile be installed over concrete?

Tile flooring is a beautiful choice for so many spaces throughout your home. It can easily meet every need in every room where a floor covering is needed.

If you are seriously considering floor tiles for your home, you may ask if the tile can be installed over concrete. The answer is, usually, and we?re here today to talk a little more about why.

Tile installation information concerning concrete

There?s no reason to refrain from a tile installation if the underlying material is concrete unless moisture finds its way up through the slab. Your flooring professional will tell you more about this and how you can find out if that is your situation.

Even then, however, you still have options that will allow you to move forward with your tile floors. To deal with moisture, you can utilize an underlayment that will help protect against any problems that could occur.

Without moisture issues, concrete is an excellent subfloor for tile. Since tile is exceptionally unforgiving of uneven spaces, the solid, even composure of concrete is a perfect base because it does not bend or flex.

Remember that any shift in the concrete due to groundwater or burrowing tree roots will transfer directly through to you tiles. If you think this might be an issue for your flooring, be sure to speak with your flooring professional about possible safety measures.

When you?re ready to get started with a tile floor of your own, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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