tile flooring installation

Four characteristics of tile you need to consider

Manufactured in such a vast array of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, tiles are truly one of the most versatile and diverse materials on the market. While this indeed sounds like limitless potential, it can also be equally overwhelming when you?re trying to purchase materials for a renovation. To simplify the entire process of understanding tile flooring and which tile installation would best suit your home, here are 4 key characteristics you will need to consider.
1 ? Material
When looking at options for a tile installation, you?re normally deciding between four distinct materials:
?Natural stone ? requires additional sealant to prevent stains.
?Glass ? normally used for countertops and backsplashes.
2 ? Color
Color-wise, you?ll soon find out tile flooring comes in every color ? and color variation ? of the rainbow. Although you may fall in love with some hues, it?s essential to think about where you?re getting these installed. For instance, if you?re still hunting for furniture and d?cor for your new home, you may want to choose a neutral color. In kitchens and bathrooms, vibrant, bold colors are used in areas that may see a lot of messy spills or food splashes because these shades hide stains well. Mosaics, as well, are a great tile installation that can add style while masking potential mishaps.
3 ? Shape
Square tiles are certainly the more traditional shape. Yet, they?re not the only options available out there. Must like color choices, you can find tile flooring manufactured in various shapes, such as small glass mosaic rectangles or large subway rectangles. But that?s not all ? scalloped, pebbles, diamond shapes, and hexagonal squares are other attractive options, not to mention custom-cut selections.
4 ? Size
Much like shapes, tile flooring is available in many sizes too. Thickness can range from 1/8? to 1/3?. And, normally, thicker materials are used for floors. Currently, the favorite style is large tiles coupled with fewer lines of grout. To add the safety of friction to a tile installation and prevent slips or to build a more ornate design, 4x4 squares or smaller are used.
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