Is a crush-resistant carpet available?

Is a crush-resistant carpet available?

If you have a busy, active home with pets, children, or high levels of foot traffic, you're looking for a carpet that's as durable as possible. The good news is that crush-resistant flooring can be personalized to meet your specific needs.

When you shop this product line, it helps to let your flooring professional know about these specific needs. Here are some tips that can help you plan the perfect shopping trip.

What makes a crush-resistant product?

Crush resistance is associated with the fiber's twist, so the heavier the fibers are twisted, the more resistant they will be against crushing and matting. In addition, these textures do a great job of hiding dirt and wear, so your carpet will look better for longer.

High-density carpeting also adds impressive durability to this product line, ensuring a longer, more useful lifespan, even in your busiest areas. Nylon and wool are handy if you're looking for carpets that won't give in under pressure.

Added benefits of carpeting

Even if you need the most durable floor covering, carpeting offers extensive benefits in other areas. As the softest floor covering, nothing beats its comfort and noise suppression, so carpet works well in homes with children and lots of activity.

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