Tile installation in a Rockwall, TX kitchen

Significant trends in 2021 tile installations

As people are spending more and more time at home, people are looking at rooms through a different lens. For example, the bathroom was once considered a place mainly for cleanliness, but now it?s a haven where people can relax in a stress-free, quiet and serene atmosphere. One of the most popular looks is to create a spa atmosphere with marble tile flooring and glass tiled shower walls. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, now it is even more so, being a place of family entertainment and learning.

The tile flooring trend

is one of those genuinely versatile floorings that look just as good in the kitchen and bath as in the living room or hallway. Some, especially those who live in hot climates, even install it in bedrooms. This trend is expected to last for years, primarily because of the durability and low maintenance. We see everything from geometrics to old-world and floral encaustics, marble looks, and unusual shapes such as fans, hexagons, and arabesques.

About tile in the bathroom

Not so long ago, it was all that ultra-sanitary all-white, but now, thanks to modern technology like Inkjet, we see intricate designs that were never before possible. Wood floors are in demand, but wood can?t withstand water, so it?s not recommended for baths. Now porcelain tile is available in a natural-looking hardwood finish, cut in planks of various sizes. Today, homeowners can enjoy the elegance of hardwood with the durability and functionality of porcelain floor tiles. We also see subway tiles in large color palettes, an assortment of shapes and sizes, and intricately hand-painted, hand-etched, and rustic designs.

Kitchen backsplash surprises

Typically, we think of the backsplash as either the five or six inches behind the range or a spectacular floor-to-ceiling wrap around. People are now opting for one or two-inch trims, especially when cabinets stop just a couple of inches above counters. Other ideas are to create backsplashes from mosaics or install them on the front of the kitchen island.

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