Size options make luxury vinyl flooring better

Size options make luxury vinyl flooring better

Diverse size options in luxury vinyl flooring make it an outstanding choice that caters to various requirements and preferences. It's a great way to set your flooring installation apart from others and create a visual that matches your existing d?cor.

No matter your requirements, there's a perfect addition to them all. Here are a few facts about size differences that will give you top-of-the-line results in every space.

Large or small spaces? Enhance them!

If you're looking to create something different in small or large rooms, various vinyl plank flooring sizes could be just what you need. For instance, narrow planks and small tiles often create the illusion of added space for a more inviting small space.

But large rooms are best paired with large tiles or wide planks, which cuts down on the number of lines, giving you a different experience in the space. It also adds elegance and timeless visual appeal that caters to any d?cor scheme.

Easily mimic natural materials

It?s easier to mimic natural materials like stone, tile, and solid hardwood when you have different sizes to choose from. Using the right vinyl plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile size with an interesting layout, such as herringbone or chevron, can give you delightful results that look more impressive in any space.

It can be hard to distinguish between 'the real thing" and natural materials, especially when you add texture, patterns, and colors. Mix and match these visuals to create the best looks for your household.

Design versatility can change things

Size options make it easier to create diverse visuals to change everything about your rooms. Changing from small tiles to large format pieces can even offer a different feel wherever LVP flooring in San Antonio, TX, is installed.

But you might also consider large, small, or variable plank widths for a distinct personality. We?ll help you find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring match for your existing d?cor.

Choose your floors with confidence

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you visual appeal, durability, and a lifespan that?s perfect for your needs, however large or small. Since the materials come in various plank and tile sizes, it?s easy to choose one that looks and performs the way you need it to.

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