Tile flooring color change: Is it possible?

Tile flooring color change: Is it possible?

Tile flooring is a beautiful choice that caters to extensive beauty, durability, and lifespan needs. However, since it lasts so long, some homeowners wonder if they can change the color instead of replacing it.

The answer is yes, but the extensive preparation process may take careful consideration before you make a decision. Here?s what you should know if this is something you?re thinking about for your tile.

Painting your existing tile flooring

Painting is possible if you're prepared to undergo the sanding, preparation, and time involved in the process. Sanding is necessary to remove the glaze on your porcelain or ceramic tile and give the paint something to adhere to once it?s applied.

The grout lines will also require taping to ensure they aren?t recolored along with your tile, which adds more time to the process. If you prefer designs instead of a solid color, you can use stencils, taping the stencil atop each tile for the best results.

What about staining?

Staining is another method to get a different color for your tiles and starts with sanding, the same as for painting. However, staining will always result in a darker tile color because you can?t use stain to lighten tile flooring.

If changing your tile color appeals to you, contact our flooring specialists to get started. You?ll find plenty of options to fit your needs.

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