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What format options do I have with tile flooring?

The format can significantly influence your tile flooring when you need the best look for your tile floors. This affects the shape of the pieces and your look as a whole.

The format can affect so much about your flooring outcome. You'll love everything this choice offers, from visuals to longevity, so take the time to find out more.

The large-format floor tile

You've likely heard about large format tiles if you're currently looking for a great tile. This tile flooring option offers squares or rectangles that are large than usual.

A traditional floor tile measures 12 x 12, but large format tiles are oversized. These include plank sizes such as 6 x 24, 6 x 36, and 12 x 24.

Subway tile is still a popular format

Subway tiles are crisp, clean rectangles that add to kitchens and bathrooms. They are an excellent choice for minimal and patterned designs that could last a lifetime.

You can layer trends this way, too, adding earth tones instead of traditional white tiles. And the trend forecast looks outstanding for this choice in any tile flooring store.

The wide plank look is an excellent choice for some

The wide plank tile is much like the wide-format option but comes in rectangular features. They look great in larger rooms and open up the entire area.

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