Wood look tile flooring in a Rockwall, TX home

Where can you install wood-look tile?

Elegant and durable, porcelain, or ceramic tiles can add a generous touch of a trend in any room of your home. But wood look floor tiles, however, are a class unto itself, providing stunning designs for virtually any space, regardless of its use. Additionally, this type of installation doesn?t require thick grout lines, but rather, provides straight, precise edges that appear clean, stylish, and modern. Still not sure if a tile installation is right for your redesign? Then let?s go over some serious pros for specific spaces that may likely change your mind!

Wood-look kitchen tiles

As one of the busiest rooms in the home where you cook all your meals, of course, it?ll see a hefty amount of grease, water, and food splashes. Luckily, with waterproof tiles, you don?t have to worry about moisture damage, which makes these floors an excellent option for this space. Be it porcelain or ceramic, they?ll be easy to clean and maintain, needing only a basic amount of sweeping and mopping.

Wood-look tiles in the bathroom

Which other room in the house experiences more moisture, drips, or puddles? Aside from the bathroom, there?s no other space, that?s for sure, that sees more water mishaps. The great thing about tiles is how durable they are, no matter how much water they experience. Plus, the wood-look style can completely transform a room, changing it from a dated spectacle to a completely modernized oasis.

Styling the laundry room or mudroom with wood-look flooring

The mudroom and laundry room are, by far, two of the toughest spaces in the house to redesign, as they see a serious amount of water issues. But the wood look tile style can handle come what may, even mud, dust, and dirt ? and water, of course. Entryways and hallways, as well, can benefit from a modernized style that is completely waterproof.

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