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Acclimation: do you need it for luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers plenty of benefits for every room in your home. But those benefits won't serve you very well the flooring isn't acclimated.

These floors can expand and contract in much the same way as hardwood flooring. However, an acclimation period keeps that from happening for a better flooring experience.

Why does luxury vinyl flooring need acclimation?

The construction of luxury vinyl tile and plank leaves tiny air pockets in the flooring. As a result, as humidity and temperature levels change, the material can expand and contract.

Acclimation helps the flooring equalize in the room where we install it. 48-hours is usually enough time for the product to reach an even level that's right for installation.

You'll be free to enjoy your luxury vinyl

Once your flooring has acclimated, it will perform just as it should. Both luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring respond in the same way.

A proper acclimation helps your floors not warp, buckle, or peel. But it also makes sure your glue can cure properly for glue-down options.

The benefits of a good acclimation

Luxury vinyl flooring has a reputation for performance and beauty. And with a thoroughly acclimated product, that's what you'll get.

A perfect decor match, performance, and a lifespan are all benefits you can enjoy. If you'd like to know more about these floors and what they can do for you, be sure to stop by any time.

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