tile flooring installation

All tile isn?t the same

Some types are better than others for different installations. There are few things as stylish as this kind of floor, whether it?s in your kitchen, bathroom, foyer, or any room in the house.

These little ?stones? or ?bricks? are waterproof, and almost impossible to break, but if you do, you won?t need to replace the whole floor, just the damaged one. (For that reason, you may want to keep some extras around at the initial purchase, so you can have a perfect match if necessary.)

Available in a wide assortment of sizes, patterns, textures, and colors, this product is very easy to maintain and can last for years.

By the way, here?s a bit of trivia: Rockwall, where CW Floors has a showroom, got its name from all the underground rock formations, so about a tile that has some kind of organic look to it. Also, as a reminder, Rockwall, you don?t need to use it only for flooring, but can also be on walls, around shelving, as a backsplash, or even as accents on counters or stair risers.

Two kinds of tile
You?ll want to know this, because some are better for certain installations than others.

?Porcelain. This tile is best for kitchen flooring, because porcelain is heavier, more stain resistant and durable than ceramic tile, which is already pretty hard!

It is made from a finer clay, fired at higher temperatures, and that?s what gives it that hard, glazed appearance. It?s also stylish and can mimic all kinds of other materials, such as wood or even slate.

The reason this it works so well for a kitchen, is because its high lack of porosity means it won?t absorb liquid or stains, even when unglazed, and the extra hardness stands up to heavy foot traffic and wear and tear such as dropped pots and pans.

?Ceramic. As long as it?s glazed (best to do it at least every two years), it will be stain and spill resistant.

While this tile is durable, it?s also thinner than porcelain. Less expensive than porcelain, it?s the best choice for a bathroom flooring, where the foot traffic tends to be light.

Mosaics, those tiny little ?stones? and, glass, with their unique patterns, shapes and sizes, are also wildly popular.

For more inspiration, come into the showroom at CW Floors in Rockwall, Denton, and San Antonio, TX.