Are there grout lines in tile flooring?

Are there grout lines in tile flooring?

We're often asked if the grout is necessary with all tile flooring, and the answer is yes. Of course, installing flooring without it is possible, but it can cause many problems over time.

Understanding why you should always opt for grout is essential as you consider your tile choices. Here are some facts you?ll want to take with you as you shop.

What does grout do?

The first thing you?ll notice about great grout is a crisp appearance that adds stunning beauty to every room. Even if it?s not a centerpiece in the design, it supports the rest of the d?cor, especially using colored grout.

Our tile store associates can also explain how grout keeps debris, dirt, and allergens from lodging between tiles. This benefit leaves a cleaner-looking floor and fewer allergens to become airborne at any time.

Most of all, tile needs grout to ensure the strength and rigidity necessary for a proper installation and performance. Without grout, your tile pieces can shift, which leads to cracking, chipping, and degradation of the tile over time.

Damaged tiles become dislodged, creating a danger, especially for young children and the elderly. Always opt for grouting with tile flooring to create a safe, stunning tile experience.

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