Carpeted stairs in a Rockwall, TX home

Can carpet be installed on stairs?

is not only an excellent idea for staircase installation, but it is one of the most often used materials in this busy and frequently used space. So if you're wondering about carpet and carpet installation in this area, we're going to spend a moment telling you more about it right now.

Taking your carpet installation seriously

Sometimes, carpet installation on staircases can encompass the entire stair as the only surface on the treads and risers. However, for some homeowners with wooden stair steps, carpet can be added to the middle, most heavily traveled area of the steps to protect the surface, especially in homes with pets and children.

These products are called stair runners and are made of high-performance, stain, and crush-resistant fibers that look great after extensive traffic. But at the same time, you can find products that will also meet your requirements for stunning appearances and d?cor-matching design.

To find your perfect addition, it?s worth your time to browse all your many options, especially concerning appearance. You?re sure to find the products you need, so let us know when you?re ready to get started.

When you need carpet in San Antonio

The truth is specific carpet works in certain areas, and CW Floors & Lighting can help you find what you need for any remodel you have in mind. We have the materials, the services, and the dedication to your details to make sure you get the successful results you want and need.

From our showrooms in San Antonio and Rockwall, TX, we cater to residents from San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, and Fort Worth, and we would be honored to work with you as well. So be sure to visit our carpet store any time to ensure you find what you need.