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Carpet colors, mood and installation: What?s the connection?

There?s a been a ton of scientific research as to how of how color can affect mood? It can make you smile, help you sleep, relieve (or increase) stress, and more.

It is so important that many large companies hire the global color consultant, Pantone Color Institute, to advise them on brand identity; for you, that would be your personal style.

So the bottom-line is this, Denton, TX color should never be considered an afterthought, especially when you?re thinking about carpet and a new floor installation. In fact, you should invest the $20 to buy a small color wheel, because it will help you determine warm and cool colors, and create harmony, unity and a balanced room.

It also helps align with your lifestyle. For instance, if the room for the installation will have heavy foot traffic, running kids, pets, or is going to be used a lot for entertaining, you may decide to avoid or seek out certain specific carpet shades.

Other considerations in choosing carpet for your new flooring installation
?To where does the room open? Sometimes a dining or living room can open to the patio or yard. Denton, TX is really ?old Texas, ?with cowboys, rodeos, lively music festivals and fairs. That means it?ll be easy to track in dirt, so you?ll really need to be vigilant about cleaning and wiping spills on the installation, and carpet hue will be especially important, since you won?t want it to show every piece of dirt.
?Will the floor be installed first or does the furniture already exist? Ever hear the designer motto ?design from the floor up?? It emphasizes balance and coordination, so check that color wheel to see if your walls and accessories are warm or cool, and then plan accordingly.

What about transitions? Not every room needs to be the same, but you also don?t want chaos and jumbled rooms.

?How will you use this room? One of my bedrooms is designated as a fully-equipped office with a lot of heavy furniture such as bookcases, desks and office chairs with wheels. Mobility is an issue, so a carpet with a low pile works best here.

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