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Choosing the right tile for your installation

Did you know that tiles aren't just ceramic? There are two kinds: one is a true ceramic tile, and there's also porcelain, a type of ceramic, with a little sand and glass mixed in to make it heavier and more durable.

And that is why porcelain tile is usually the preferred choice for flooring in heavily-trafficked areas like entryways.

Other differences will make one better for one kind of installation than another.

Two kinds

Porcelain is large-format, white and has a translucent quality like Italian porcelain. Although it already Comes in a lot of patterns, it can be made to look like anything, from wood to marble and leather.
If you?re considering this kind of installation, your tile service provider will explain that glazed or unglazed, porcelain is always waterproof. It also stands up to weather, so it's fine for outdoors, such as on a deck or patio floors.

Ceramic is thinner and has a lot of design options, which also makes it desirable for inside applications: backsplashes, countertops and accent walls. There's an almost overwhelming assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

Because they?re used in so many ways, be sure to ask your service provider if the tile is appropriate for flooring.

Other things to think about

?Absorption. Porosity has to do with how fast liquids and stains get absorbed. It affects staining and cleanability. Especially if you plan to use it in the kitchen, be sure to ask about the water absorption ratings.
?Smooth, slick and slippery. Grout will minimize some of it. Mosaics are smaller so they have more grout lines. That makes them a little rougher. Also inquire about textured surfaces especially if there are kids, pets or elderly residents in the house.
?Easy to clean. All you need to do is sweep or damp mop (and remember what we said about slippery!)
?can be mixed and matched. This isn't just a design tool, but it also allows you to create different price points, important if budget is a concern.

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