Professionally installed carpet in a Rockwall, TX home

Does installation differ with carpet textures like Plush or Saxony?

Regardless of the kind of carpet you choose for your home, installation is a necessary element of your flooring project. It is the finishing touch that brings everything together and assures the lifespan you wanted from the beginning.

However, there is also a wealth of factors to consider during the process of that installation. It?s important to know a bit more about it so that you can make a truly informed decision about the perfect flooring for your home.

Carpet flooring installation

These materials should be installed by considering all the factors that will help it to last as long as possible. While some textures create the need for more attention to detail, the installation process itself is very similar.

Seam consideration means that, as much as possible, seams should go in the same direction most people will be walking in any given area. They shouldn?t receive parallel traffic, and natural light should not hit the seam, when possible.

When the pile is a big part of the texture, and therefore your d?cor, great care should be taken in the installation process. Ensuring that the pile direction lays toward the entrance when possible is a great way to get the longest wear from any floor covering.

Above all, it?s essential to make sure you do not
leave out the underpadding for these particular textures. A quality underpadding gives you excellent comfort and resilience, but it also works to protect your new flooring from bunching, balding, or wearing out long before it?s lifespan should end.

To discuss other vital aspects of installing a variety of carpet textures, be sure you visit our showroom at your convenience. Our associates are prepared to help you pick the perfect flooring for your needs.

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