Does luxury vinyl flooring require waxing?

Does luxury vinyl flooring require waxing?

Many homeowners are first drawn to luxury vinyl flooring because it's a beautiful floor covering with an attractive, shiny appearance. That leads to one of the most common questions for this product line: does luxury vinyl require waxing?

The simple answer is no because these floors never need waxing or buffing, yet they'll still look fantastic for many years. If you want to know more about why here's some information that can give you more understanding.

The beauty of luxury vinyl flooring

These floors offer outstanding visual appeal, with products that mimic tile, stone, and solid hardwood flooring with a beautiful shine. But LVP flooring needs no waxing, polishing, or buffing to maintain the attractive appearance that shines through once the floors are installed in your home.

A polyurethane coating comes standard on each of these floors, which helps to protect against scratching, denting, staining, and scuffing. It also provides a beautiful visual appeal that stands the test of time, even in your busiest spaces.

The trouble with wax

If you use wax on these floors, you may wind up with hazy and dull surfaces since the wax will build up on the surface and catch and hold dirt. In addition, with luxury vinyl flooring, certain compounds will even damage the materials, so it?s best to clean with a recommended cleaner and refrain from waxing.

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