tile flooring installation

Five facts about tile flooring

Rockwall, you?re going to love this! We know how committed your city is to environmental stewardship, so we?re here to tell you that tile is one of the most eco-friendly flooring materials around.

Tile is considered a green material, because the installation doesn?t contain any VOCs. It?s made of natural clay and other raw materials, so its production won?t deplete other natural resources. It?s also long-lasting, and that means it doesn?t end up in any disposals and some, like glass tiles, are even recycled.

Other reasons to love tile flooring

?Good for one's health. Do you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in your home? Tile is the perfect flooring solution, because dirt and other pollutants sit right out in the open. Since you can see them, you can also wipe them away.
?A good heat conductor. When a room is already chilly and you walk on the floor in bare feet, that will automatically be transferred to you. Isn?t that nice, Rockwall--or any hot climate, for that matter. By the way, it works in reverse as well, so if you have it on your patio or anywhere it?s sunny, and you walk on bare feet--ouch!
?Durable. We dare you to try to crack it, because it?s so hard that it?s almost impossible to break. If one does crack, it doesn?t matter, because all you need to do is replace the one ceramic, not the entire floor.
?Style. There?s such a wide assortment of colors, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match to create your own unique design. Grout also comes in a lot of hues, so mix it up and have some fun. If budget is an issue, there?s an easy solution: Use a plain one on larger square footage areas, with a couple of highly designed ones as accents.
?Waterproof. When glazed, it makes for a floor that?s completely impervious to water.

One word of caution: Sometimes tile can get a little slippery when wet, so be careful when walking on this flooring. For inspiration, feel free to come into the CW Floors showroom in Rockwall, Denton or San Antonio, TX.

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