Tile flooring in a Rockwall, TX home

Five more facts about tile flooring

Rockwall, we?re back to give you more tile facts that could help influence your upcoming flooring choice. We?ve already shared five eco-friendly points, and we have five more that will serve you just as well.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice in certain areas to get the green building materials you want, but with tile, that's not the case. These facts about tiles might surprise you.

Check out these tile facts

Taking advantage of tile flooring is easier than you think, and that simplicity carries on after installation. The benefits you?ll enjoy from this floor covering can be further explained when considering these next five facts.

  • Low maintenance. Since these floors are so durable, you won't have to expend a lot of effort taking care of them. Instead, give them a quick cleaning and spend the rest of your time enjoying the view.
  • Cost-effective. While these materials might cost a little more upfront, you?ll find that over their average 50-year lifespan, you'll save money!
  • Added value. Tile adds value, even if it?s only installed in a few places. This is great for both equity and resale value, so take advantage of all your options.
  • Extensive options. Whether you?re looking for the perfect appearance or the best functionality, you have lots of options in tile flooring. Color, size, grouting, and more all allow you to create something you?ll love for years to come.
  • Germ resistant. You?ll love the fact that you never have to worry about mold, mildew, or bacteria growth on these surfaces. They?re naturally healthier, so you don?t have nearly as much cleaning to do.

See how it just makes more sense to consider tile for your flooring options? When you?re ready, we?ll be right here to help you pick the best ones, so visit soon!

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