marble tile bathroom installation

Five Popular bathroom tile installation options for 2019

With a wealth of options on the market, it?s not as straightforward as it used to be to choose tile flooring or a tile installation. Now, we need to consider the location and function of the materials, as well as the color, design, texture, and shape. But, don?t worry. Today, our CW Floors experts will let you in on the 5 most popular porcelain and ceramic choices of 2019, so you can quickly figure out which pick is perfect for your reno. If, after reading through our article, you?re still left will several questions, then stop on by our showrooms in Rockwall, San Antonio, and Denton, TX, to speak to our pros in person and check out our latest selection.

1 ? Whites and neutrals
Though whites and neutrals may sound boring to you, the newest shades on the market are positively lovely. What?s really trending right now is a color known as ?Greige,? which is, you guessed it, a combination of gray and beige. Nude neutrals and creamy whites are also at the top of the list of popular choices.

2 ? Matte finish
Every year, there are always some matte options that become a hit. It?s no surprise that it?s the same with 2019, though we?re really seeing a big surge towards ultra low-sheen tile installations. That?s likely because they hide water marks and smudges really well, better than glossy alternatives. Not only does this make matte great for walls, but also as a flooring installation.

3 ? Marble
Marble went away for a while, but now it?s back! It?s a stunning, high-end material, known for its natural veining and unique coloring. In the end, every piece is different from other ones, even if they?re from the same section of marble. In 2019, use this one-of-a-kind design element to create a feathering effect throughout your bathroom. Also, don?t be afraid to go big when it comes to slats for rooms that are spacious. The bigger, the bolder, the better!

4 ? Geometric shapes
Forget your typical porcelain or ceramic pieces, and opt for various shapes instead. There are many geometrical shapes available on the market now, so there?s no need to stick to squares or rectangles. For instance, hexagons are a big hit in 2019, having made their way back from the 50?s. Aside from the shape, you?ll need to choose from among a blast of colorful selections, not to mention sizes and textures. Who knew interior design could be so exciting!

5 ? Graphic patterns
Have you ever considered printed patterns in your bathroom? Why not, it?s definitely a sight to behold! Graphics let you walk on the wild side, playing with your inner artist. Tap into those creative juices, and pick a showcase piece for your floors, or a mosaic-like design for your shower stall. Looking for something bold? Graphic is certainly where it?s at!