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Five signs you?re in desperate need of a new carpet installation

With proper care and regular maintenance, your carpet installation in Denton, TX can last several years. However, sooner or later, there?s simply no avoiding it, there will come a day where your carpets will need to be replaced. While some signs are obvious, many others aren?t. As such, the CW Floors showroom professionals at our locations in San Antonio, Denton & Rockwell, TX, have come up with this article to help you figure out when it?s time to say bye-bye to your old soft flooring.

1. Stains, stains everywhere!

Too many stains, not enough planters to cover them all? If your living room has taken on a scary resemblance to a minefield, chances are, it?s time for a replacement. Over time, even though most materials come with various protective coatings that guard against stains, they do fade eventually. Professional cleaners can remove different types of stains, but when that doesn?t work, it?s time to consider a trip to the showroom.

2. Sad-looking surfacing.

Does your carpet installation actually look depressed? If it?s seen better days, filled with stains, tears, matting or thread-bare spots, it?s a serious sign your flooring is, sadly, on its deathbed. You?re better off with a replacement in this instance, instead of hiding the plain truth.

3. Unidentifiable odors.

Tired of visitors walking into your home then asking, ?What?s that smell?? Got a stinky dog that won?t even go near your carpet installation? If you have unidentifiable odors that are obviously being emitted from your fibers, the situation could be beyond repair. Odors should disappear after a thorough cleaning, or a deep shampoo treatment. If they don?t, it?s time to think about alternatives.

4. Allergies out of control.

Although it acts as an allergen and pollen sponge that can help better indoor air quality, if your floors are positively prehistoric and can no longer handle anymore dust, dirt, or bacteria, your soft surfacing can be doing more harm than good. Should your allergies act up, it?s likely a good idea to start anew, and get a better, cleaner, more modern carpet.

5. Loss of texture.

Eventually, foot traffic can wear down the texture on soft surfacing. Now, it really does end up taking decades to do this, but if your fibers seem to no longer have any tuft, then your surfacing may be unsalvageable. Lay your installation to rest if you see the following signs: Lack of padding, ripples, wrinkles, matting, fading, and color loss.