Pergo Extreme flooring in the San Antonio area

Go to the extreme with Pergo Extreme!

Go to the extreme with Pergo Extreme!

If you haven?t heard of Pergo Extreme yet, then you?ll definitely want to find out more about this amazing flooring and its multiple benefits. Have an upcoming home renovation and not sure which surfacing to choose? With all the alternatives in store, you may be hard-pressed to pick which one would work best for your home. But, before you set your sights on the usual options, take the next few minutes to get to know the newest material on the market ? Pergo Extreme!

Durable, high performance flooring

With Pergo Extreme, you?re promised a durable, high performance flooring. Rigid vinyl planks offer elegant style and ultimate protection ? a true guarantee homeowners are getting top-quality materials. Get the best performance possible with thick, sturdy craftsmanship.

Extraordinary designs for a unique style

Forget about choosing something that looks like every other flooring out there. Instead, you?re assured some truly authentic, extraordinary designs that are all-new on the market. As for textures, these styles will provide one-of-a-kind originality.

Excellent surface protection

Dents and wear won?t be an issue with Pergo Extreme, as these planks offer superior protection against fading and damage. That?s because the construction and wear layer are well protected, thanks to additional superficial layers that limit impact and surface stress.

Superior construction, excellent warranty

With Pergo Extreme, you?ll also get one of the best warranties to date. This excellent warranty promise is all due to its high-grade performance attributes superior construction. Rest assured that your dent resistant, kid and pet proof, and waterproof planks will make your life 100% worry-free!

Get more information from the professionals

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