Here?s what to expect with your carpet installation

Here?s what to expect with your carpet installation

Once you choose the perfect carpet for your upcoming remodel, it makes sense to choose a professional installation, as it?s the best way to protect this investment. If you?ve never picked carpeting before, you may wonder what to expect with your carpet installation, and here are some facts for your consideration.

Professional carpet installation is important

You've chosen the perfect floor covering, received an estimate, and scheduled a professional installation, and the day has finally arrived. Before your carpet installation team shows up, you must clear the area of furniture, personal items, electronics, and anything else you want to protect from damage.

Your carpet installation technicians also need access to a working power outlet to ensure the best results for our power tools and to clean up messes during installation. Once on-site, we'll confirm your order details, measure the area again for perfection, and start laying the padding.

Once the padding is in place, we'll roll out the carpet, cutting it to make it the perfect fit in each room, and use special tools to remove wrinkles. Joining seams is the next task, followed by trimming excess products and creating the perfect fit.

Once the carpet installation is complete, we'll do a walk-through to ensure your satisfaction, offer cleaning advice, and answer any questions. Then, when you're ready to take on your remodeling, we're here through every step.

Visit our carpet store for your flooring needs

CW Floors & Lighting believes that treating customers with respect and attention is one of the most critical services. Our passion is ensuring the most successful solutions for your flooring needs, with the same values as a mom-and-pop shop, from concept to completion.

If you live in San Antonio, Denton, Rockwall, Dallas, or Fort Worth, we invite you to visit our carpet store in San Antonio, TX, or Rockwall, TX. We'll help you browse an extensive selection of inventory materials and choose those that best cater to your preferences and requirements.