carpet flooring

How do I know this is the right carpet installation for me?

That could be a good question to ask your flooring retailer, but you will also need to be clear on your priorities.

The showroom will try to match the material up with your desires, budget, and lifestyle, so you must provide as much information as possible.

For example, it may not seem important for you to tell the service provider where you plan to place it.? Some flooring and furnishings can fade when placed in direct sunlight. Wouldn?t you like to know ways to protect your carpet?

What if I have pets??

That?s more critical information.? Many think they can?t have this kind of flooring if they have pets, but some are pet-friendly, meaning they have stain protection built right into the fiber and are ultra-strong.

Carpet can be a good installation because it provides enough traction that there won?t be slips, falls and crashes into walls when turning corners.

Will I know if it?s good quality?

The service provider can explain, but the best thing is to arm yourself with knowledge so you can compare carpet types.

Not all rugs are right for every installation and the wrong one can result in poor appearance and performance.

Know about:
  • Quality: It's density, how closely the fibers are woven together, that determines quality.? It's not the weight.? A simple test is to bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, it's a lesser grade.
  • Pile:? Low carpet pile has a smooth surface and the loops are woven tightly together.? As a result, they?re easier to clean and better for installation in high traffic areas.

High pile rugs have loose, long fibers, like the shag, so you?d want it in a lower traffic area like the bedroom. It's nice to step out on a plush, warm surface in the morning but put it on stairs and there's a good possibility that you'll fall on this flooring.

  • Know even a little bit about fibers, including the four main types: nylon, polyester, wool, and olefin.? There are also silks, blends, and Triexta.

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