How do luxury vinyl flooring and laminate compare?

How do luxury vinyl flooring and laminate compare?

Luxury vinyl flooring and laminate are heavy hitters in the flooring industry, as both offer outstanding benefits and options. Comparing them in a way that explores the unique qualities of each is the best way to choose the product that suits your needs best.

For instance, you may prefer the most durable surface, or you might need the perfect d?cor enhancement for ambiance and beauty. Here are some facts that can help you create the ideal experience in any space.

Visual appeal factors

Both of these products are known for outstanding realism that mimics elegant marble and rustic hardwood. Luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring offer authentic features, including texture, color, patterns, and style, and gives you a gorgeous d?cor match in every space.

If you want to match your interior design, either product will provide the look you need. But you may find other benefits that set the two apart from one another, giving you a clear direction on which will fit your needs.

Durable features for your busy family

Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring offer wear and protective layers that guard against scratches, stains, and fading, even in busy areas. These surfaces easily handle pets, children, and heavy traffic, keeping your LVT flooring looking and performing well for up to 15 years.

The waterproof features may set these products apart. Both offer waterproof products but laminate only protects from the top down, while luxury vinyl flooring is 100% effective in guarding against water damage.

Quick and easy services

There are several quick and easy installation methods that will allow you to walk on either floor covering the same day they?re installed. Once we measure your space and discuss your requirements, we can offer an option that fits your needs best.

The floors, especially luxury vinyl flooring, are easy to clean and maintain. Adding waterproof protection means you can clean these surfaces without worrying about damaging them.

Choose our showroom for your flooring needs

There's no doubt that these two distinct floor coverings have a lot to offer, no matter what your needs are, even in busy areas. The perfect floor covering is available, and one of these products may be the one that serves you best.

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